“Five Years Ago…”

When I started the blog five years ago, I didn't really know what to expect. I had so many thoughts, so many stories, so many experiences, and it seemed nice to share them. Over time, many collaborators have joined, some with their advice, thoughts, experiences and stories. Others with a culinary contribution, still others with … Continua a leggere “Five Years Ago…”

“Just… WHY?”

Today I woke up with a polemic streak, maybe it's raining outside, it's gray, it's Saturday but it seems like an eternal Monday, or an eternal Sunday. I have lost track of time. Of space. Of me. A bit of normality is back, which then, let's face it, but who wants normality. I certainly don't. … Continua a leggere “Just… WHY?”


Quarantine. In fact, forty[1] days have passed, and apart from the two times I went at the supermarket or to throw out the garbage, dressed halfway between a robber and the witch,, I spent the time at home. #StayHome #staysafe I miss traveling so much like water in the desert. I miss work more than … Continua a leggere “Time”

“In my Day”

Through The Mirror

My look is quite misleading.
I have a sweet face, framed by a fall of light brown almost golden curls (well, I actually have red fire shaved on one side hair, but these are just details), and for nothing in the world people would think “this is a B**ch”.
About love.
This is what we are talking about!
I do not easily fall in love. Just ask those poor wretches of my former guys.

It is not in my attitude: I do not cry for a romantic movie (indeed if I can, I totally avoid to watch it!), the animal puppies do not send me into raptures (but human puppies yes, I admit, how beautiful are those small smelly feet???), I hate to go shopping (except for books), I stain myself when I eat and I am literally allergic to the word “marriage”.
And so what, would you…

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“Cooking in the days of Masterchef”

I have watched my grandmother and my mother cook for years, perhaps I am the only one in the world with a mother who cooks even better than my grandmother. I have observed them on the most different occasions, from the lunches of the week in Summer, to those on Sunday. Christmas dinners and various … Continua a leggere “Cooking in the days of Masterchef”

“The sender”

I have been thinking for a while that boys are divided into two general classes - within which we can obviously find different and varied nuances - That Poor Unfortunate (also called TPU) and the One Who Makes Us Beat The Heart (abbreviated as WHB). We don't like TPU. WHB we do. Easy and painless … Continua a leggere “The sender”

“Six-hundred Seconds”

https://youtu.be/x8M1vqJYKtM     The rain falls slowly, almost bored of having to do so, on the window glass from which you can see at times and blurry the others’ lives. Is it for duty or pleasure that the neighbour is taking out the dog despite the cold? Is it because he loves his pet to … Continua a leggere “Six-hundred Seconds”