Classics: “William Shakespeare”

As a good woman of the theater, I cannot fail to consider every comedy, every tragedy and every sonnet a great classic from which anyone who came later has drawn, copied, drew inspiration or wanted to detach.

Through The Mirror

I understand a fury in your words / But not the words.


So: you are back. As every year. Not much can be done about it … Which is not even your fault, you didn’t choose to be proposed as the beginning of the end.
You didn’t choose to be a very long Monday. You certainly have not decided to have the responsibility to close the summer, or to start schools, universities, jobs. It is not your fault if the wind changes and brings sadness.  Had they given you at least the task of starting the year, as you actually do, you would have had the bulletin boards full of good intentions to throw away, of photos with hats and cotillons, a sense ….
Instead, you arrive as an unwanted yet expected guest, and every year we collide and you give me as many joys as pains.

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At the end of this reading, I had two thoughts well impressed in my mind: I am very proud of what I do to the extent that I can, and Dear Jesus, please do not give up on humanity even when it deserves it …

Through The Mirror

” “Be good.” Every time God thinks about the marvelous simplicity of that sentence, his unique and original commandment, another thought automatically takes over: that asshole of Moses. What kind of arrogant dickhead throws the one commandment he has been given down the toilet and pulls out ten invented from scratch? “[1]

At the end of June, the Einaudi promotion arrived in the bookstore, when placing it on the relevant shelf a cover leaps to my eye: a smiling and winking Instagram Jesus on a red-orange background. The title “The second coming” is a nice provocation and considering that it is next to tomes of a certain socio-political importance it makes me laugh. It intrigues me. I read the plot. I read the opening words. Irreverent.

I’ll put it back.

Three days later I take it back, I read the first five pages. I laugh. I cry. I ponder.

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“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” -ENG

“I used to think of my body as an instrument, of pleasure, or a means of transportation, or an implement for the accomplishment of my will . . . Now the flesh arranges itself differently. I’m a cloud, congealed around a central object, the shape of a pear, which is hard and more real than I am and glows red within its translucent wrapping.”[4]

Through The Mirror

“How many awards is this TV series winning? I see it as a candidate everywhere! “
“Awards from critics or the public?”
“That’s the shocking thing: both![1]
“Wow! We must start it then “
“Wait, it gets better”
“It is taken from a book: The Handsmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood”
“The same Atwood as Alias Grace ????”
“Tomorrow I’ll buy it  !!!”

That’s how it went, no plot, setting, or other research. I immediately trusted the author I had met thanks to another wonderful novel from which they will soon draw (or maybe they have already drawn, I have to find out) a TV series: Alias Grace. A novel that kept me in suspense until the end and that I still remember as if I had read it yesterday even though at least ten years have passed!
I do not know why in all this time…

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“Thirty-three theories and no certainty”

“The division between past, present and future has only the value of an obstinate illusion”

Through The Mirror

Accustomed to American, English and more rarely Italian TV series, I must say that the idea of a German product did not thrill me … especially given the previous ones such as “Derrik” or “A case for two”. But, it must have been the choice of the soundtrack[1]., the plot[2], the continuous comparisons with LOST, or simple curiosity, I gave in. I prepared frankfurters and sauerkraut * to get in the mood, I uncorked an EKU 28, and I spread out on the sofa bed with the first episode of DARK[3].

And then the second one, and then the third one and then the fourth one….

Only at 3 in the morning, when my eyes were asking for mercy, I managed to detach myself from this psychedelic drama of a thousand mysteries!

Time travel. Trivially I could say that the main theme is this…

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“COLD CASE: Nobody can escape the past”

Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris – In the mind of the serial killer) is a young detective on the Philadelphia homicide squad; after having demonstrated great skills in solving a crime that had remained unsolved for many years, he decides to accept the proposal of his captain to enter the cold case section, which specializes in investigating crimes that have remained pending for many years and of which the perpetrators do not they still have neither face nor name. Each episode is dedicated to a different case: the episodes begin with a flashback set in the year in which the crime took place.

Through The Mirror

A few summers ago, before streaming and series on the internet, there were reruns on TV, and I’m not talking about the Jurassic, but from the early 2000s. Very rarely did some new product arrive, punctually blasted at absurd times of absurd days in the height of summer, which I always wondered if they were bettors or simply self-sabotaged on purpose.

Why do you have to explain to me why TV series like Friends, Ally McBeal or ER (I MEAN E.R. !!!!), were put on in August at 2.00pm!

The same fate happened to a TV series that fascinated me a lot, which began with my parents during their lunch breaks from the beach in the summer of 2006; I don’t even remember where we were and why we all went on holiday together, but I remember perfectly well that the atmospheres, the cases, the music and the colors of…

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Classics: “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”

“Wonk” is a term that identifies a boy who refuses the “social life” to hole up in the study. Willy, betrayed in his affections, isolates himself from everything by locking himself up in his own factory, surrounded by the little Oompa Loompa workers who guarantee him a substitute for human relationships.

Through The Mirror

“Good morning starshine the earth says hello….”
– ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’.

I’ve always been a fan of salty more than sweet. But how can you resist chocolate?
Is there any magic formula?
Because I’ve never been able to!

It will be for the beneficial power[1], the flavor, I don’t know, but I know that I must always have a piece of it at home. I cannot eat tiramisu, pastries or donuts even for a whole year (it actually happened), but don’t take chocolate away from me!

With this premise, can you imagine how I read CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY[2] by Roald Dahl?

I had just finished THE WITCHES, also by the author, and since I liked it very much, I was looking for another one with whom to deepen my knowledge, except that, in the small but well-stocked elementary school library, here is a…

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“THIRTEEN good reasons to read this story”

FUN FACT: there are two versions of the novel in circulation with two different conclusions. The original, in which (as in the TV series) Hannah is effectively dead. And another sweetened by the publishing house in the first draft, as she believed that a suicide was too disturbing for the audience they wanted to sell the book to, and so in the end Hannah was in a coma, but she wakes up. And everyone has a second chance.

Through The Mirror

“You never know for sure what kind of impact each of us can have on others. Often, we don’t even realize it. And yet, this impact does exist. “[1]

Reading a book in the days of Netflix, Nowtv, Sky, Mediaset Premium, Amazon Prime and company has become complicated.

Not only because the convenience of sitting passively in bed to let the show scroll through episode after episode killed that bit of new readers’ desire to actively turn the pages (we diehards are a race apart, neither e-book nor anything else will be able to never replace the scent of paper, the pleasure of sneaking ears on the pages, or the utility of throwing the book at someone who allows himself to criticize the reading!), but above all because in the last year they have come out almost entirely films and series based on books. So why, the naive ask…

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” What was I supposed to do? (Dory’s memory)”

Until I have removed that I am dating a person. Romantically.

Said that sounds horrible, and maybe a little bit it is, but it was just a moment, a bad game of the mind. Approximately. I think. Probably.

Through The Mirror

Everyone forgets things: the clothes in the washing machine, the food in the microwave, the keys on the desk, the shopping in the car, the dentist’s appointment …

Most of this forgetfulness are harmless (apart from the gas, we all pay attention to those thanks!), It is that our mind has to process an infinite series of information and often we happen to be so focused on the immediate future that we do not pay attention to what is happening to us now, right in the present.

How many of you lose their train of thought while they are talking? Or do they leave for a room in the house but when they get there, they no longer remember what they had gone to do?

It happens![1]

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On Thursday, for example, I forgot the keys in the lock, and luckily, I realized it before doing damage. Once, years and…

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