“Is better if you don’t end up on the Red’s BLACKLIST”

The Blacklist follows a serial case, with a criminal to be thrown in jail every 40 minutes, but it is the horizontal development that really keeps the viewer glued to the screen to follow Reddington’s plans at the same time, which is far from clear; the double life of Elizabeth’s husband, Tom; Elizabeth’s own past, all full of mysteries.

Through The Mirror

Almost three years ago, I was in a famous book and DVD store on Via Nazionale in Rome, wandering among the shelves looking for something to give to my brother for Christmas, some DVDs with special Marvel inserts maybe, or another fantasy saga, when my eye falls on a dvd of a tv series with James Spader, one of our favorite actors. I read the plot: His name is Red Reddington and he is one of the most wanted criminals in the world. One day he turns himself over to the FBI and offers his precious “black list” of names to track down terrorists hiding in the United States. The only condition: he will speak only with Special Agent Elizabeth Keen, the agency’s new hire.

Why? What happened so extraordinary that made a fugitive return to the place where everyone wants him dead?

And I’m convinced. I’ll take it!


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