“In my Shoes” – eng

It is really true that before judging you should… put yourself in his SHOES!

Through The Mirror

There is an English saying that I have always liked. When someone wants to mean that they should put themselves in their clothes, they say “put yourself in my shoes”. It’s not very different, yet it is. Because it is one thing to put on another person’s clothes. It is one thing to put on your shoes. Shoes are the part that wears out the most, by dint of walking in them. And they come in all shapes and colors, comfortable and uncomfortable. Of fascinating and painful…. And even if it is a metaphor, at times, we should really take it literally, as I once did….

A long time ago, when I was still a young university student, I happened to know one of the most annoying representatives of the Y chromosome in my personal history.

Assigned to the same study group by a professor unaware of the abject being…

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