“That time I found myself engaged …”

At the time I didn’t even realize how dangerous this behavior could be, fortunately it wasn’t for me, just embarrassing. But hearing everything that has been happening in recent months I realize how lucky I was that he was just a little eccentric and not a crazy stalker!

Through The Mirror

It has happened to everyone (I guest, at least) in life to have a partner saddle up despite there being categorically nothing tender. The reasons are the most varied, from the most logical: you are very friends and others misunderstand; to the most absurd: that person likes someone who, to justify his failure, convinces himself that he is with someone else, with you, in particular.

Once I was given up for go together with a guy I didn’t even know except by sight, vaguely, just because he often happened to catch the bus at the same time. Another time, however, I felt asked how my cohabitation with my boyfriend was going ….

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Usually these rumors are not harmful, at most they could be a problem if the person you really like thinks you are already engaged with someone else, but once silenced and clarified that the gossip is false everything…

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