“Am I still young?”

Well. I had resumed going out quite consistently over the weekend, if I didn’t have to work, then a World Pandemic broke out … ..

Through The Mirror

34_giovane fuori

On a Friday night, it was once a disco with the guy. Then pub with friends. Then fish night with the family.
… now it’s washing machine night.
Something must have gone wrong at some point, but I don’t understand what.

To be honest, if I wanted to go out, I would just have to text someone and I would find some friends right away. The point is: I don’t want to.
And it’s not just because I’ve worked so hard this week and I’ve had the flu (to tell the truth, I’ve worked with the flu), it’s a general feeling of being old.

The first symptom was when my friend Luna told me she was going to an outdoor concert and I told her to not forget the sunscreen rather than flirt with the cutest guy she could find.

But who am I kidding? This is not the first…

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