“About New Moon”

In the film you can see my elbow. Not even that of the other three, but it was a wonderful experience, extraordinarily tiring and yet satisfying. Absolutely to be redone, sooner or later.

Through The Mirror

Some of you will remember it, about ten years ago the vampire fashion was at the top, especially the glittery ones.

Jackson Rathbone Twilight GIF

Now, as an avid fan of bad and bloody vampires, I was a bit perplexed, but all the people who read Twilight recommended it to me, so I fell for it, to the umpteenth “you absolutely must read them” by my friend Kekka, I read them.

I admit that I immediately fell in love with the writing style, not so much with the plot which is reduced to being the classic teenage love triangle with the only difference that the two suitors are supernatural beings. But it is written really, really well (credit for Stephanie Meyer), so much so that I was convinced to go with the aforementioned Kekka to wait for the fourth volume to be released outside the old bookshop in Via Nazionale, in which there were…

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