Yesterday, September 15th, I made the trip on the subway watching with fear every bag, backpack, cell phone, fanny pack, suitcase and briefcase … thinking “what if it happens here, now? What if a bomb explodes? What if they start shooting at us?” , “will these be the last faces I will see? Strangers … in a subway …?”

What do they want from us? What do they want to take away from us? What must they win?

We will not give up, we always say. They won’t take away our dignity. We don’t have to stop, let’s say, we don’t have to be afraid, let’s say, we don’t have to let them win.

And in fact we continue to travel, to take planes, buses and metro. To live.

But yesterday I looked into the eyes of these strangers, and some were as fearful as mine. Others even more. Even in a crowd lost each on their smartphone, you could feel the fear … And then I think they have already won a bit …


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