“Twenty five plus VAT”

I have been told the arrival of the 30 years was not even the 2000 millennium bug.

I remember very well the millennium bug (being 30 years old will help at least to boast a few moments of life lived after for years everyone said “ah I remember it, I was there”, this time I remember it too. I WAS THERE. It’s not the fall of the Berlin wall, it’s not Armstrong on the moon, but I remember it).

Risultati immagini per 31 anni gifNow, the 30 years are a bit like that intimidating bug, that latent fear that from November began to wander among everyone with the fear that at the strike of midnight on December 31, 1999 everything that was computerized would be lost. And so I have always been told about 30 years: a huge hormonal, emotional, physical and psychological bug. But on January 1, 2000 nothing happened, the world went on, just like the day before …

And also my 30th year of life on Earth.

So at the halfway point, accepted these fateful 30, and put yet another candle, I finally made peace with myself: I made peace with cellulite, with stretch marks, put pastel-colored make-up in the drawer, for the profit of a new awareness, of the mastery of myself.

At 30 they charge you with expectations: work, family, children, husband. WHAT ANXIETY! But I discovered a central thing, even if I don’t have a son and a husband, I discovered that mom and dad are the most precious treasure I have, that my brother will be the shoulder for my old age, and that the friends, the real ones, those who remained “despite everything”, are my second family. 

Maybe not everyone at 30 succeeded to “create something” but we managed to understand what the true values ​​are, and in my opinion the day we prefer family dinner because that day mom made the lasagna just for you at the evening in disco, we took a step forward and not a step back.

Finally stop begging for considerations, phone calls, appointments, feelings and rewards. At 30 you have unfortunately inexorably lost someone you cared about along the way and this makes you focussed, smart, disenchanted, but also willing to open up to new experiences.

In this year of overcoming the fateful 30, so many things have happened to me that I experienced a bit of upset, but I don’t think they are so age-related.

If I can be honest, the age that I would like to relive is 25. Yes, because you are old enough to do everything you want, still young enough to give some “nonsense”, and above all not old enough to suffer all the pressure of responsibilities.

And then it sounds good, 25. A quarter of a century.

So if you agree, from now on I won’t say I’m 30.31.32 years old. But that I’m 25 plus VAT !!!


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