“The first year”

Wow. Here I am, the anniversary of the blog, a year that I chatted and talked about. I’m honest, I wasn’t sure if I could do it!

mNot because I don’t have what to say, on the contrary, but because of the constancy, the purpose it takes to keep a blog active.

And also because in more than a moment I asked myself if it was worth it, if someone really read what I write with so much love and effort.

But in the end, I replied that I write mostly for myself, for personal exercise, like a diary, a memo, for fun.

As a demonstration that I can complete a task, which I don’t give up just because of some passing difficulties.

I like reading other people’s blogs and finding out what we are similar and what we are different and I have discovered things in common with perfect strangers. I realised that life is absolutely crazier than any TV series or book I may have seen and read.
That extraordinary things have happened to me. And they will still happen to me, so I will continue writing.

Sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes for “duty”.

But basically, writing is what I am. I express myself much better on paper, I feel myself.


So, I turn off this satisfied virtual candle, in a year my life has changed almost radically, who knows what awaits me in the next….


I guess you will find it here.


Happy anniversary to my inner mirror, one hundred of these days.
(Hoping it won’t smash!)


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