“Welcome to Wayward Pines, your final resting place …”

Winter, armed with fleece blankets and freshly brewed coffee, my friend Anna and I go to the computer in search of some new and exciting TV series. We chatted, we arranged the room, we also went out for the classic walk in the village, now we deserve to relax in the warm warmth of four walls.

We watch different TV series at the moment, so we have to rely on the news.

What kind? Good question!

“Don’t try to leave. Don’t talk about the past. Don’t talk about your previous life. Always answer the phone if it rings. Work hard, be happy. Enjoy life in Wayward Pines”

We read this header next to the photo of a mature Matt Dillon surrounded by dark and creepy characters. We look at each other. We nod. We are convinced.

And that’s how our adventure started with one of the most disturbing series on the modern scene! Each episode is anxious at the right point and leaves pending at the perfect moment so that the viewer is almost forced to see the next one and then again and again, until his eyes come swollen and red.

It’s almost night but we don’t go to sleep risking dreaming of the Abi !!!! So we decide to make a (comforting) coffee cake * (which will keep us awake, although I must admit, coffee has the opposite effect on me!).

The questions pile up, the hand of Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) is evident, as is the homage to the forerunner of the genre, the wonderful narrative universe of Twin Peaks; and one wonders if the protagonist – Ethan – isn’t going crazy and if it’s not all in his head. Are the scenes involving the wife and child memories? Are they a parallel present? Or fantasies?

The character that Anna and I loved and hated most is that of the nurse Pam (Melissa Leo), more papist than the Pope as they say, a true fanatic, willing to do anything to maintain the balance of the new world.

Some villagers seem to be comfortable in this reality, while others follow Ethan in his attempt to rebel. But what the protagonist does not know is that there is little and nothing to save … I do not want to take away the taste of the surprise by making spoilers but I anticipate that you will be amazed and wonder if all in all Dr. Jenkins’ plan is not like that bad…

As in any dystopian universe, nothing is as it seems and the distinction between good and evil is never so easy to spot!

The series was adapted from a trilogy of books written by Blake Crouch, so although the first season was a cycle that opens and closes, they left the door wide open for a sequel that after just two years, Anna and I are finally to start…

Yes, because we liked the first season so much that we feared they could go and ruin it by continuing the story, but if it is taken from a series of novels we are calmer and comforting food in hand, this winter we will go to recover the second season waiting for the third and final….

And you? Are you still there? What are you waiting for to start it?

Coffee brownie
(Anna’s recipe)

Ingredients for a 20cm pan
100g of butter
150g of chopped dark chocolate
1/2 cup of espresso coffee

41_wayward pines

100g of flour (gluten-free is fine too)
175g of sugar
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
powdered sugar (optional)


We heat the oven to 180 °, we grease a 20cm rectangular pan.

Melt the butter and chocolate in a bain-marie, stirring until we get a smooth cream, let it cool. Add the coffee and possibly the vanilla extract and mix.

In the same bowl add sugar and flour and mix thoroughly until you get a fairly pasty cream.

Beat the egg yolks lightly and add them to the mixture, whip the whites until stiff and incorporate them with the rest of the ingredients, mixing from bottom to top to prevent them from losing firmness. Transfer all the mixture to the pan and let it cook for about 40 minutes at 170 ° -180 °, removing from the oven when the surface of the cake is crunchy and the center is moist but not liquid. Let it cool and then cut the brownie into cubes or squares and eventually sprinkle with icing sugar.

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