“Once upon a time (and still)”

Once upon a time, in a boot-like land there was, a perplexed girl who wondered why, despite being inadequate and a bad example for little girls, princesses of fairy tales always defeated villains.


Saved Aurora, a poor little girl that has been relegated to live with three naughty “aunts” at the confines of civilization and banned from the Realm when it would have been enough to say to her images“Dearest you have been cursed because we are so foolish that we did not invite the most powerful witch of the Universe to your baptism, so stay away from the archers! >>, and instead, she is ignorant and confused, like every adolescent we know, as soon as she can, she tries to get away from the boring life she leads; And his brave Prince Philip, who, after all, gains his glory, riding in the trenches and defeating the dragon (perhaps I was the only child crying for the death of Maleficent), saving from danger not only the Sleeping Beauty but all The kingdom of stupid idiots; I do not understand how it is possible for Grimilde, Lady Tremane and Ursula to be defeated by Snow White who at the first sign of danger escapes and takes possession of the house of seven strangers dusting, washing and becoming their housekeeper …  and Cinderella who lets herself be treated like a serve in her own house and speaks with mice and hens instead of poisoning the three mischievous usurpers and regaining the castle and the prestige. 
Not to mention the two “saviours”, the Prince Charming who does two meagre appearances, one of which to kiss a dead woman! And the other one who does not remember the face of his Beloved (seen just for two minutes) but who develops such a strong fetishism for her feet that runs throughout the entire Kingdom to find them. 
And Ariel, who triggers a naval civil war just to conquer a sailor (who turns out to be another naive prince as beautiful as useless to humanity) who does not even recognize her!
But in The Little Mermaid there are at least the curious curls, the songs and Sebastian that make the fairy tale really magical.But I would point out that it is Triton to defeat Ursula and save goats and cabbages while Ariel and Eric look at the chaos they have created.


Luckily in the years, at Disney, they realised that it was really surreal that this type of character would beat the bad guys, that they began to develop talented princesses like Jasmine (which at least resists the patriarchal power even though Jafar would have been a better Sultan than the silly and naive Jasmine’s father – who in the end, removed the uncontrolled ambition and the sick egocentrism, just wanted to fight against nepotism) ), Belle (who is acculturate! Brave! and is to the one who saves Adam aka the Beast and all the poor servitude, so it is good that then she takes the Castle and the Library – that is my prohibited dream) and Mulan (who is not even a princess, but a soldier! She saves her father, herself, the beauty guy, the army and the all China from the threat of the people of the Huns, while Cinderella and Snow White dance at court dance floor).

Until the most recent ones, the undervalued Tiana

(who dreams of becoming a restaurateur and who is deeply committed to succeed without waiting for the “Prince on the White Horse” and after a series of infinite troubles and being transformed into a frog , saves herself and the prince and … opens the restaurant! Exactly! She does not want to be a princess, she still invests in her goal !!), the nice Rapunzel (who has grown up in a Tower for eighteen years, hence she has the right to be a bit naïve and trust a famous liar, but at the crucial moment she turns out to be one of the bravest heroines of this narrative universe) and the dynamic duo Anna and Elsa of Arendelle (who, while taking some old-fashioned stereotypes like “love at first sight”, can point out that love has different shapes and you have to be able to stand in the front line if you want to catch a positive result!).


From this calibre of women I look forward to an happy ending, I hope so, because Mulan, Jasmine, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa are not waiting for something to happen and somebody else to come andsave the situation, they start the adventure! And while making many mistakes, they succeed in the project and defeat the Evil.



This perplexing girl, growing up, had become more and more team-villains and would have liked alternative versions in which characters such as Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar or Grimilde would eventually win, at least to give a lesson to those who think that salvation always comes from “Someone Else” (every reference to the fact that in the boot-like land, people always complain, but then when they have the right to vote just a few of them  go  and then nothing is concretely done  unless  talking about changing the situation, is not random) and if you do not get awakened, the Villains will be the true Heroes (every reference to Russia, China, France and the United States is wanted), and children must know so maybe, at least they will do something about it …


But unfortunately she had found twenty-five versions of “Cinderella” in which it was inexplicably always good for the servant even if she did nothing about it, and “Maleficent” where the worst of the Evil was distorted, humiliated and dressed in the most annoying of clichés: the villain who was good but because of the great pain changes, but then she redeems.


Desperate, the perplexed girl thought that there was no hope, until one day a friend of her, team-villains inside, invited her to start a new TV series where the Evil Queen had defeated the Heroes, locking them in a timeless and without memory city, making them living as ordinary mortals in which only she and the Dark One were aware of the truth.

For Three Seasons Once Upon A Time was a real relief because despite the defeat of the Villains, the Heroes deserved victory: Snow White was a hunter, a thief, a fugitive capable of protecting herself; Aurora fights at Mulan’s side to defeat the Enemy and help Philip and Cinderella …

.. no, Cinderella remains an useless helpless, but you know, you can not always have everything ……


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    Once upon a time, in a boot-like land there was, a perplexed girl who wondered why, despite being inadequate and a bad example for little girls, princesses of fairy tales always defeated villains.

    "Mi piace"


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