“Bloody Toast”

tumblr_inline_mon8jczxac1qz4rgpOkay, something’s wrong with me; why all the most cruel and bloody series make me hungry ????? !!!!
Is it possible that I tend to correlate the red blood that is widely paid with the sauce of the meatballs, pizza, the lasagna … ???

I wonder if there is some psychiatrists among you that wants to come along with the analysis …

Meanwhile, I arrange a Bloody Mary * inclusive with toast-another-yearpinzimonio, I take a seat on a comfortable chair in the room and I go to end my adventure with True Blood.

Needless to say, the cocktail colour goes well with the bloody scenes of this show from the bright flag and bold dialogues. And I must not be alone in having to deal with the hunger that southern cuisine in the States generates becose it even inspired a book titled True Blood: Eats, Drinks and Bites from Bon Temps has been written : it combines the gastronomic know-how of the southern United States with vampire variants offered by the series; including, of course, the recipe to achieve the True Blood, the synthetic blood[1].

My story with True Blood is nothing than short : an alternation of good and bad periods, it’s not one of those series that I started and finished in one breath.

tumblr_lkwe6ul9ab1qjl52xo1_500The Louisiana vampire series created by Alan Ball since the novels by Charlaine Harris[2], is to date the only “Gothic” series, allow me this term, that persuaded me.

Werewolves, fairies, vampires … television is full of these creatures, but no one is like True Blood, with vampires trying to integrate with humans, and at the same time not lose their wildness or their dangerousness: I loved that they are forced to live at night (with some exceptions) and do not drink animal blood but human or synthetic (hence the name of the series!), they cry with tears made of blood, and I like that the stories told are compelling and with a touch of roughness and truculence that make things appealing.

What I did not like is the usual love triangle, the beginning of the Fairies and especially the ending!
So why I am here to recommend it?
Well, because the first few seasons are not to be missed, despite the romantic-erotica- almost pornographic relationship between Bill-Sookie-Eric, true-blood-gif-true-blood-21716660-500-224the world of True Blood remains gorgeous, charming, full of original ideas.

Personally I adore Pam, the cynical ultra millenarian, vain and often devoid of feelings vampire. Before being turned into a vampire she was a prostitute and ran a brothel in San Francisco; and I like as much Jessica, the novice who is not present in the novels by Charlaine Harris, but that was invented specifically for the series.

But in addition to vampires, the saga is also populated by other supernatural creatures, such as shape-shifts, wizards, werewolves and fairies. Well, it would have been better if the didn’t built in the last race: Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath and that’s because descended from fairies that are not all good (there is a civil war going on), and to make matters worse her blood attracts vampires, and then Sookie is their beloved objective.

I do not know, surrounded by the herd killings, vampire policies, lethal viruses, sex in sheets wet with blood of people just murdered, the story of the fairy was too sweet to me.



I will not speak about the closing, I was very sympathetic in the direction of the last season of True Blood, also because, except for the fourth (embarrassing) season, I have always liked the series and I really hoped for a appropriate ending with some super war, a vampire supremacy or some other scenes worthy of the beginning ….

… But no.

But if I had to judge each series by the end I do not think I would watch any of them anymore: Lost, Will & Grace, Chuck, Alias …. All TV series that I love but that I would end up in a completely different way !!!

What makes True Blood stand out  aboveother series of the same kind is the attention to details: from the fangs of the vampires, modelled on the cables and retractable teeth of 18qtqcmod2nlsgifrattlesnakes.

One of the characters, Maryann Forrester, the priestess of a cult of Dionysus, erected in Bon Temps a huge statue of meat. To build it, they have not used the computer graphics, but steep statue with real meat that had a cost of more than $ 500  and forced the actors to act in the middle of a foul-smelling stink.

Every new creature that is presented is closely linked to the world of fantasy and legends studied and adapted to the main storyline.




Violent, disrespectful, unconventional, nothing to do with glitter vampires or those who mats out of love became humans: it is a series that should be watched with mercilessness knowing that there are no heroes!

* Bloody Mary[3]
(Original recipe of Ferdinand Petiot)

Tralie Graphic

– 6 cl. vodka
– 6 cl. of tomato juice
– 4 pinches of salt
– 2 pinches of black pepper
– 2 pinches of cayenne pepper
– 1 layer in the bottom of the tumbler of Worcester sauce
– 1 dash of lemon juice, crushed ice


Let’s Shake vigorously all in a shaker and serve in a tumbler without ice.






[1] Curiosity: at the Comic-Con, an event of which the series was a guest, every aspiring blood donator received in exchange for the transfer a kit with some gadget of the show. Result: in four days has collected enough blood to allow the San Diego Blood Bank to save 2800 lives.
[2] “The Sookie Stackhouse cycle” published from 2001 to 2013.
[3] Curiosity about Bloody Mary: The film contribution, song and literature
If many cocktails have become famous thanks to more or less known travellers, the Bloody Mary was one of those cocktails that owes its international fame, and popular fame, thanks to movies on the big screen and very popular TV show to the general public, and some songs. In the 2001 film “The Royal Tenenbaums” Richie Tenebaum, starring Luke Wilson, frequently drinking Bloody Mary. In the very well known in Italy in the 80s Sitcoms “The Jeffersons” Louise mother regularly drink Bloody Mary.
In the novel ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary, “Bridget and her friends have an obsession for the afternoon Bloody Mary. In the sit-com “Ugly Betty” the Bloody Mary is offered by Mrs. Claire Meade Betty, after having confessed to killing her lover. In ‘Johnny Inglese film “Bloody Mary not too spicy, is required by Pascal Sauvage’ agent Johnny.
In the song ‘Romance in Milan “Baustelle the romantic lead downs nearly a hundred thousand bitter and Bloody Mary.

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  1. L’ha ripubblicato su Thr0ugh The Mirr0re ha commentato:

    Okay, something’s wrong with me; why all the most cruel and bloody series make me hungry ????? !!!!
    Is it possible that I tend to correlate the red blood that is widely paid with the sauce of the meatballs, pizza, the lasagna … ???

    "Mi piace"


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