“London Calling: Cormoran Strike’s Saga”

Graphic by: Federica

London is one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve been there 9 times, I visited the city in all seasons, I’ve even lived there for a while: I saw London in the October’s fog, under the January’s snow, in the August’s rain and the June’s heat.

I explored the tourist area and that of those who live there, I’ve been in the rich and poor neighborhoods.

I fell in love with the accents of the inhabitants and the perennially autumn colours, I was able to adapt to the foreign food, but not to the low temperatures.

It has not always been like that, in fact the first time I went there it was to study English, I was in one of those summer groups organized by my father’s work. An opportunity to make new friends more than anything else.

I didn’t think I would be so infatuated with this city. But how could it be otherwise? With its thousand cultures and smells and sounds. A chaotic and noisy, cold, cloudy city. And at the same time magical, cheerful, full of art and artists, music, hot drinks and theaters! God, how many theaters!

big-ben-dream-england-gif-favim-com-160823320 years have passed since that first time!

And London continues to fascinate me, call me, attract me. I feel like a moth that can’t resist it. I try to go there as much as I can, but when I can’t I find relief in reading about this strange city, full of contradictions.

I could suggest triliards of English writers, but for now I prefer to talk about the one that has accompanied me for almost two decades with her novels and her so precious descriptions: JKRowling, well known for the Harry Potter saga, but less known as the writer of  a crime trilogy[1] (destined to expand) under the pseudonym of Robert Galbright, starring the private investigator Cormoran Strike, veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

giphy6No little wizards, witches or wands, but a mysterious and crime-filled London, where one can easily get used to the ugly new ones and where a big man with a prosthetic and a gruff character like Strike manages to go unnoticed.

Cormoran (which people keep calling Cameron) is the son of a groopie and a famous rock singer, however he always tried to get away without the money (and fame) of his father, and for this reason he finds himself living where he works, penniless and misfit. Until a young assistant arrives and a truly succulent case – the murder of a celebrity – awakens him from torpor.
What I loved about this new saga born from the pen of Aunt Jo – as we Potterheads love to call her – is that all the places it describes are easily traceable. For example, Strike’s investigation office is featured on Denmark Street, on the corner of Tottenham Court Road, in central London, a street full of shops and traffic. And the building exists, in reality it is a club very similar to what is described as Strike’s favorite pub with a Victorian atmosphere, and wood and brass walls. As well as it is possible to drink the favorite Cormoran beer: the Doom Bar[2].

If you love London at least half as much as I love it, then I strongly recommend that you fasten your belt and travel with Strike for its twisted and impenetrable streets[3].

“The Call of the Cuckoo”, “The Silkworm” and “The Way of Evil” are the titles for now available.
[2] https://www.sharpsbrewery.co.uk/our-beers/doom-bar.html
Curiosity: The television transposition of the novels will be broadcast on BBC One in November 2017, to give the face to Cormoran Strike will be Tom Burke.

Tom Burke








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