“I mean… JOB”


– What kind of job do you do?
– I write …
– No. I mean by profession, in practice, how do you earn money?
– Through a careful psychosocial analysis associated with scientific research, I try to study the emotions, languages ​​and behaviours of humans and to bring them back into an imaginary system with which I create a sort of entertainment for a several number of people, thanks also to the support of different media.
– Wow! Very fascinating, if I wanted to explain it to someone in simple words?
– I WRITE !!!


4 (1)Dramaturg is not a dirty word. It comes from the late Greek dramatūrgós, meaning composer of drâma ‘play ‘and of the theme of érgon‘ work, effort ’.

It does not sound good, perhaps, but it is a noble profession. Is hard! And it has existed for a long, long time.

I didn’t choose to become one, I was born like this. From the cradle I imagined stories and as soon as they taught me how to do it, I felt the necessity to put them in writing.

But it wasn’t enough, I needed someone else to bring these stories on stage, to fill them with emotions, with the colors of the soul, with the sweat and the blood.

Because that of the actor is an equally noble and hard profession.
Clearly there are actors and actors, those who do it for money (and they don’t always focus on quality), those who do it for the glory (and maybe they bring inexplicable texts on stage that they call “avant-garde”) and those who do it hoping for both things, but with a different ambition: to communicate something!
To carry this message, definite by the author and took to life by the actor, there is the director. An almost mythological being who with a lot of study, a good dose of talent and an overview, as a military strategist, manages to find the right way to please the writer, the actor, himself and the most important person for who does this work: the spectator.

When the theatre is full of people, the spectator blends with the others, the buzz of voices begins, that is the most beautiful moment of our existence.
And the most terrifying.
We work months and months on texts, rhythms, movements, to play everything live.

“Good the first take”.

You cannot make mistakes when you have the audience in front of you. There is no fever, pain or obstacle. You have to forget the whole thing. You give yourself completely.
Sometimes it’s good for you, and you’re the happiest person in the world. Other times not.
We expose ourselves to you.
We do it because it is what we are.
And because is our job!

It took me 14 years to get where I am now, I studied, I sweated, I left tears and blood on the stage, literally!! I’ve done lots more jobs, so many sacrifices. Obviously, I will continue to be a baby-sitter, the secretary, the editor, the tutor the shop assistant, the librarian, the maid.
You don’t pay your bills with the theatre, not at my level, at least.


And all when I say that I work at the theatre, they will continue to ask me “No, but I mean, what kind of job” … but I don’t care anymore.

I’m an actress.

A director.

A dramaturg.

I am what I dreamed of since childhood.


How many can say the same?




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