“The Revolt of the Machines”


Technology hates me.And this is an incontrovertible fact.If there is a chance to put me in trouble, it will not miss the opportunity.
By then, however, it had always been limited to breaking the eggs into the basket with an electronic device at a time.

For example a couple of months ago the cell phone decided to change the password and I lost all the numbers I had in the phonebook because I had to replace the card. And I tried to explain to the technician that I had nothing to do with the accident, that the password was always the same, that the damage was not my fault, but he rightly looked at me as if I was crazy and he pretended to follow my story and he activated the new card.But I can swear it in court: It wasn’t me, it was IT.



A few weeks ago, however, while I was warming up  the water in the microwave for a couple of tea (I just wanted to be faster and  not dirty the stove), I heard a strange noise. It was the dishwasher that turned on, but I had not programmed it, so I hasten to stop it and luckily – I thought naively – nothing happened. Actually, it was nothing but a diversion to make me get away from overheating the microwave and boiling the water by spilling it all out of the cup (which at least did not break!) and forcing me to burn my fingers in an attempt not to frighten me!  

I have already been mentioning my problems with the wii, two days ago it was the  dvd player turn. While I was watching a HIMYM episode with my family, it suddenly began to switch the language from Italian to English and viceversa,  without anyone asking for it.

But this time there were witnesses and I could not get caught.


And maybe that’s why it felt so powerless and exposed to the point that today it decided to launch an exceptional multiple attack! 

It has targeted the computer.
We know that this is not just an object anymore, apart from doing everything with it, from communication to hobbies, from watching a movie to doing whatever, I mainly work with the computer. It knows that it is now the extension of my mind and arm because, as I usually write on paper sheets, eventually I will have to go back to the keyboard and make a digital version. 

It did not turn on.
Without a real reason …

tecnologie vs me
Graphic by: Federica

One, two, three, seven thousand refreshes and codes found on the internet thru other devices, it didn’t want to restart.. My dad came to the call of my desperate weep and … .. it restarted!
As if nothing had happened.
And it’s been the same for three weeks: if I’m alone, it just does NOT turn on but as soon as somebody comes  to help me, the pc starts working again so I look like a visionary! 

And there is more! A couple of weeks ago I had to meet my friend Anna on Skype to talk about  recipes for this blog, and being alone at home obviously the computer was dead, so I borrowed my brother’s computer and…. the webcam  opened upside-down! Anna saw me topsy-turvy, and it was the same for me: I saw her upside down

…. I called my brother to figure out if it was a common problem, but obviously it was not.It had never happened before.
So I had to talk all the time with my friend as the protagonists of the Upside Down movie. 

So now I’m with a crazy microwave, a rebel dvd player, a forgotten cell phone, and a computer in resuscitation.

Ahhh but if it thinks I’ll give up easily, I’ll let it wins without fighting ……….
………………………..it is completely right !!!

Please I give up! Leave me alone!!!

We are in the 21st century and we have to live together, we could not do it civilly ????

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