“The Closer: Desserts And Crimes”

*Chocolate Pleasure
(the recipe is a variation of Cake au chocolat praline by Pierre Herm)


Ingredients (for Praline noisette)
– 60 g hazelnut praline
– 60 g of hazelnut paste
– 30 g of milk chocolate 45%
– 60 g of crepes dentelles crumbled
– 10 g of burro25 g of chopped hazelnuts

(For the syrup)
– 200 g of granulated sugar
– 180 g of water
– 1/2 vanilla bean

  (For the cake)
– 250 g of butter
– 65 g of clarified liquid butter (or just clarified)
– 315 g of granulated sugar
– 250 g of weak flour
– 60 g unsweetened cocoa powder
– 320 g of whole eggs
– 7 g of chemical yeast

(For Icing)
– 100 g of pate à glacer (Valrhona)
– 40 g of dark chocolate 72%
– 10 g of grape seed oil of seeds
– 20 g of chopped hazelnuts



kira_chocolate_gallery_aLet melt 30 g of 45% milk chocolate   in the microwave. Add the butter and let it melt. We mix the praline, hazelnut paste, chocolate and finally the chopped hazelnuts, finishing with dentelles crepes. We spread the praliné noisette on a sheet of baking paper to the height of 1.5 cm, and we preserve it in the refrigerator for two to three hours. Then, we cut the cubes of about 1.5 cm from the side to be kept in the freezer until use.

While the praline is in the fridge, dissolve the sugar in the water. Add the pulp of vanilla bean and make it boil. Immediately turn off the fire of the stove to let the syrup cool down.

Now for the preparation of the cake: sift the flour with the cocoa and sweltering powder 2 times. Pour the clarified butter in the mixer , with sugar and eggs. Let emulsify at medium speed for about 10 minutes until the mixture is silky and smooth dough. Then we add by hand with a spatula the sifted powders. We put the butter and floured in a loaf pan where we pour out the dough to 1/3 of its height. We distribute the cubes of praline noisette. We add the other dough and even the cubes of praline. We finish with the last layer of dough and Bake at 160 ° C for about 60 minutes by rotating the mould half cooked. We will verify the state with the wooden stick test.

When cooked, with a brush we cover the whole surface of the cake with the syrup.

Finally, we stand the pate à glacer and dark chocolate in the microwave at 45 ° C. Add the oil and grain. When it reaches about 40 ° C, pour the icing on the cake and let it cool.




Spring is, among other things, the season of Easter, and if for believers this has a very deep meaning for the rest of the world it means only one thing: chocolate !!!….

….And for me chocolate means The Closer!

Therefore, as soon as our cake has cooled, we take a glass of warm milk, arrange the pillows, we sit on the couch and  let this delightful tv crime start, slowly savouring our *Chocolate Pleasure.



Set in a sunny Los Angeles, the TV series created by James Duff boasts seven successful seasons, a spin-off just equally triumphant – Major Crimes, to which  Iwill surely dedicate another article – an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a People’s Choice Awards.

But it is not for the favour of television criticism that I would recommend it, instead for the masterful interpretation of the fantastic Kyra Sedwich (“Born on July 4”, “… Something to Talk About” – known as well as Kevin Bacon’s wife), in the role of the brilliant investigator Brenda Leigh Jones, an apparently angelic woman dressing to say the least in a quite questionable way, and a passion for chocolate to embarrass Willy Wonka, who is feared even by the most powerful for her incredible sense of justice: she is ready to do whatever it takes to close a case (consequently the title of the series) and bring the perpetrators to fair dealing!

This series has the advantage of having changed, albeit minimally, the popular image of women in power:


“We’ve certainly seen women in powerful positions before. But those women were largely hidden in a sea of dominant males, and most important, strove to be like the men that surrounded them.” In contrast, Dychtwald says the former FBI interrogator played by Kyra Sedgwick, “retains (and revels in) her femininity, keeps her composure, can handle the two ‘sexist pigs’ who bait her due to their jealousy and insecurities, and not lose her head.”[1]


In addition, the show deals with complex and capillary issues: ethics, personal integrity, the thin line between good and evil. The cast well balanced between comic characters, such as Tenent Provence (played by the beloved GW Bailey– “Police Academy”) and the more strictly dramatic, as the detective Sanchez (Raymond Cruz – “My Name Is Earl”) explores the human condition, touching topics such as personal religious influences and communities in contemporary society, the dysfunction of family systems, the government’s responsibilities in the judicial system, however, always leaving an air of freshness in the episodes.



Do not miss hilarious sketches, skits worthy of sitcoms, dialogue ripping a genuine laugh. A Crime in comic colours that these days we want to own!


chocolate-collageBut beware, if you are watching the TV series but you were too lazy to prepare the Chocolate Pleasure, make sure that you are at least forewarned by chocolates, bon-bon or sweeties, otherwise you’ll be in  trouble!
Because our dear Brenda eats a quantity of sweets to make diabetologists blush, and does so with a longing, a pleasure, that it becomes impossible to resist!



Watcher warned … ..



[1]  Christian Science Monitor.  May 27, 2015.


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