“The Murphy’s Law”

Have you ever had one of those days when everything begins wrong without a good reason?

ThoThosehse days when you get up out of your bed, whisk the little finger against an edge, the glasses fall and get scratched, when you pour the milk all out of the bowl, and discover that there is an insect in the cereals but you can not scream because it is 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday and the rest of the building (the city, the country!) is sleeping ?!


I am sure you have had one of those or more…


Well, during this kind of days we should be able to go back to bed, hole up in a fetal position and try our luck again directly the following day. But unless you live as hermits or you’re Scrooge McDuck, you can not, because there is someone that makes you accountable a job waiting for you ……………. or a nasty neighbour that will start moving  the stuff of the house in the exact second in which you fall asleep again


So you have to arm yourself with patience (because to arm yourselves with a steel bar is illegal) and try to have almost no contacts  with mankind (and possibly with corners too!), conscious, though, of what states the Murphy’s Law:


“If anything can go wroing, it will”


Graphic by: Veronica

I guess our dear Murphy has had a long series of sh** days to get to this axiom – which, in any case, sooner or later in our life we always prove on ourselves- and although many interpretations say that his intent was ironic about the great laws of physics and that there is no scientific basis to support this thesis, I still believe it’s the most confirmed of the theories.

Let’s take the abovementioned Sunday as an example in support.


  1. “An object will always fall to make as much damage as possible.” 

giphy5I wake up, 6 am, my eyes seem like a panda after a Saturday night passed out until past midnight, I get up to drink a glass of water, hoping that my brain does not get it in “day mood”. Needless to say, I slam the little finger against the corner. But this is not enough, because of the pain I jump, I grip to the desk on which a stack of books was suspended like a fu**g dominoes fall on a cup-pen holder that rolls on the floor and shatters into so many pieces that two years later I still find them speckled in the room!
It fall making a noise as to awaken all the neighbourhood, and a chant of dogs starts  accompanying me, and all those stuck in the city to work, for the entire Sunday.


2.”When you’re in a hurry everything is slow.”

I try to pick up the glasses, I have my breakfast, I spill the milk, I find the insect (yuck), I drop the scratched glasses (sgrunt). I remember to have a commitment at 8 to the other side of the town (f ** k!). That’s why I woke up so early, I think, the brain keeps in mind the pledge and sent signals to my body that bla bla bla, I have already lost myself in the speech when I realize that the toothpaste is finished, it should be discarded. Where? Paper, no. Plastic, I would say no. Biodegradable waste, perhaps the toothpaste itself but not the tube, do I press the tube? No. Undifferentiated and on.
I go back to the bathroom: busy.
I go to another bathroom: busy too.
<< 6:45 am on Sunday why are you all awake? >>
<< You awoke us when you crushed the glass! >>
<< Ah. >>
I get dressed, hair and makeup very quickly. And it is very clear. But it should be that way, otherwise I’ll be late.
I try to open the car. Fu**, the keys!
I run back home, take the keys, but my car doesn’t  turn on.
At 7:20 am;
On Sunday;

On Summer;
To  be at 8.00 a.m. exactly on the other side of town….
….I am more likely to get my retirement.
I go back to the car, toying around, I don’t know how but fortunately it turns on. Of course there is a traffic like the Via Crucis. It’s Sunday and it’s summer, why??? …. Ah, it is the direction to the beach.
52 minutes later I get to my destination nervous, sweaty but cold due to the air conditioning, with the tic in a eye and then I realize: the appointment is scheduled for the following Sunday.




3″The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you do not want to be seen with.”


Well, I am here now, so I can take an orange juice and wait for my leg’s spasms to stop (why I did not want to take a car with automatic transmission, since I live in a world capital with such an incredible traffic ????? ) and I pray that the saying “the bad luck come of three in three” is not true! I go into a bar and I see a familiar face, a guy, I know him, why I know him?. Oh he is the guy who is going out with my friend ***, I should speak to him.
Oh, but it looks like a mussel clinging to the rock with a girl. That is blonde while *** is brown. She is taller, less tip and have very curly hair not like ** at all.
Oh no.
I look down a second too late.
He saw me.
He knows that I know.
I know that he knows.
Before anybody can say anything I pay and I run away.

giphy64.”no matter what you choose to do, it will go wrong in any case”

I have a moral dilemma whether to tell or not to *** what I saw. Because in real life “ambassador not worth door”, is not so true! Ambassador is always screwed but, on the other hand, not sayingit is equivalent to betrayal.


I come home afraid, liquefied, confused. Dogs still barking. Glasses are still scattered in my room.



Now, there is anybody that have the courage to say that it is only a theory without solid and proven scientific basis ……????



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