“Power, Seduction, Wine… other Wiiiine!!!”

Winter is coming.

Ok , not quite, we’re just in July, but I like to be prepared .
And since , unlike the Summer, Winter is very long , it is better to care for themselves with all 6 ( for now, but is supposed to be 8 ) seasons of Game of Thrones, a nice wool blanket and lovely warm old-fashioned dish * , refill the glass and get ready for a long and exciting battle for power fought with secrets , conspiracies , seduction and wine, a lot, a lot , and a lot more, wine !

The TV series is a result of the transposition of the fantasy saga by George RR Martin , but from the fifth season it is standing apart so much that it can now be regarded as an autonomous work. Both versions are still work in progress , but for the books’ fan the wait  seems being longer than the one of the serial addicted that will have to wait only (so to speak!) two condensed seasons for the grand finale .


Although the story is based on a dense interweaving of characters – to which it is best not to become attached too burn_them_all_got, since Martin in the first place and the producers David Benioff and DB Weiss , give the impression to have a great time to pick them off one by one in the most atrocious and disparate ways (budget problems or simple and pure sadism ? ) -it is the ancient beverage fermented from grapes the real star , so it deserved a special mention : wine   . Any occasion is a good time to drink one , two , three or a thousand glasses , and more than once it was used to poison , seduce, or convince one of the characters .


I reiterate : DO NOT  become attached to none of the characters ! Or you’ll end up drinking a bit too much too.

As other series before this, GoT has created a real brand, the fans do not just read or watch the episodes, but they surround themselves with objects, gadgets, games and t-shirts related to the saga.

-I am such an adult while I describe this concept to the point I don’t seem the one having the room invaded by GoT’s merchandising, huh ?!
Ok, I admit, I am a big fan and I have the box sets, t-shirt, table games and more …. in my defence, many gadgets are gifts from friends. –


Part of the complexity and realistic clarity of GoT’s world is the fact that Martin was inspired by the real past, that of England and Europe late medieval and Renaissance. The main inspirations are the War of the Roses (1455 – 1487) and the Hundred Years War (1337 – 1453), to delineate the Seven Kingdoms; but to make the vision of such dramatic events brighter, the three of the Apocalypse have decided to cheer with long and detailed sex scenes, dark magic, mysterious creatures and phrases for effect, as the mottos of the families, wonderful monologues and unequivocal truth.



It is not a series for Old Men, paraphrasing the Coen brothers, mainy because there are integral naked, dead, incest and abuse. And if you think to blame the HBO, known for its excesses, read the books first!!! It’s a series for young people, and not only for all that I have already told, but especially because the economic and territorial policies that are discussed. GoT is more actual than what you can imagine, marker it as fantasy series is an underestimation, despite the setting distant in time and space, there are disturbing similarities with the contemporaneous socio-political climate.

Secrets, alliances, lies, betrayals, attacks.

You just can not trust anyone.

No one is safe!

And all that, just for an uncomfortable throne… ..


Game of Thrones immerse itself in the dark side of man of the Dark Ages: and a shiver runs on the back of contemporary man when they realise how the spatial and temporal distance has not changed the morality at all.



* RabRabbitibit & bean soup
(The recipe is my favorite cook, my mom, Mena)

Ingredients for the rabbit (4 people):
– 1 rabbit
– Oil e.v.o.
– 1 glass of white wine
– 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
– Garlic
– Chilli
– Rosemary
– Parsley
– 3 anchovy fillets in oil
– Salt and Pepper To Taste.


First, we clean the rabbit and we cut it into common pieces, we put it in a frying pan over low heat, without oil, and we cover it until the water has evaporated, then we add the vinegar and continue to cook over low heat, making sure the vinegar is completely gone, it is time to add the oil and the chilli pepper and leave it to cook on medium heat.
With the spices (rosemary, anchovies, parsley, garlic), we’re going to do a chopped enter in the pan. As soon as the anchovies are dissolved we adjust everything with salt and pepper and fade away with a glass of white wine, we cover it and let it cook for a minute.
We remove the cover and we see the consistency of the sauce, if we are satisfied we take it off and serve it hot in ceramic bowls.

Ingredients for the soup (x 4):
– 500 grams of dried pinto beans
– 80 grams of diced bacon
– 6 slices of bread
– extra virgin Oil
– Rosemary
– Salvia
–  Laurel
– Onion
– Origan
– Broth and vegetable stock cube
– Chilli


Graphic by: Veronica

We put the beans and the bay leaf in a pot and once finished cooking (for the lazy there is the possibility to buy the beans in pre-cooked canned) we remove the bay leaf, take a couple of tablespoons of beans let’s blend to create a cream and leave the rest of the beans in a bowl.
In a large pot we pour 7 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and let it brown in the chopped (rosemary, sage, onion) with the bacon, when it is well browned we put beans into the pan, and we adjust the salt, pepper, origan and chilli. We add the broth and the nut and taste it again to be sure of the flavour and spiciness that we like more.
Let cook a bit and then pour in the cream soup of beans previously prepared, so as to give an almost velvety texture.
Separately, we roast the bread in the oven and we make croutons.
When the consistency of the soup satisfies us, remove from heat and serve with the addition of toasted croutons in earthenware bowls.

We serve all with abundant glasses of marvellous Castel del Monte, a flavourful red wine from Puglia with an intense bouquet, fragrant, with hints of red berries. Full, harmonious and spicy.

And now that winter is come, we can begin the Got marathon, and remember not to become attached to anyone because … Valar Morghulis !!




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