“A dip in the Classics”


There are stories that die with the author, and others that survive them, they  are renewed, they take new blood and regenerate themselves. That despite the age are always contemporary, stories which you can change a bit here and there, dusting off the cover and voilà, they seem talking about what is happening nowadays.
These stories are those that the literature has called “the classics.

tumblr_inline_mquvzwc2tk1qz4rgpAs always we don’t have to judge by appearances, a “classic” is no guarantee of beauty, but neither of heaviness. It is good practice to alternate a couple of “modern readings”, let’s say so, to a “classic”, which should be chosen primarily following your personal attitude, the time of the year and the location  where you decide to approach it.

Personally I read one classic per season, but if I can advise, my opinion (which is the opposite of what you usually hear) is to  dedicate a portion of the Summer to the classics instead of the Winter, because we have more time and we are more relaxed and we can sustain these narratives with plots, characters and styles that need attention, application, which during  other seasons, too busy with the daily stuff, we are not always able to have.


However, at any time of your life you decide to reserve your attention to these volumes, keep in mind that unlike other types of stories, more than ever you need the right atmosphere, otherwise they may actually be too heavy even for a coached player.



un tuffo nel classicoHere is my personal list of classics that I think should be read (arranged alphabetically by title):

  • 1984, Orwell G.
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ,  Carroll L.
  • Anna Karenina , Tolstoy L.
  • Dracula , Stoker B.
  • Faust ,  von Goethe J. W.
  • Frankenstein , Shelley M.
  • Harry Potter , RowlingJ.K.
  • If This Is a Man , Levi P.
  • In Search of Lost Time , Marcel Proust
  • Lolita , V. Nobokov
  • Madame Bovary , Flaubert G.
  • Novecento, Baricco A.
  • Pride and Prejudice , Austen J.
  • Tales of Terror , Poe E. A.
  • Ten Little Indians ,Christie A.
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ,  Doyle Sir A. C.
  • The Chocolate Factory , Dahl R.
  • The complete works of Shakespeare
  • The Count of Monte Cristo , Dumas A.
  • The Divine Comedy , Alighieri D.
  • The Great Gatsby , Fitzgerald F. S.
  • The Late Mattia Pascal , Pirandello L.
  • The Lord of the Rings , Tolkien J.R.R.
  • The Wizard of Oz , Baum F.
  • The Moon and the Bonfire , Pavese C.
  • The Odyssey , Homer
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray ,  Wilde O.
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , Stevenson R. L.
  • Ulysses , Joyce J.
  • Wuthering Heights ,  Brontë E.


I intentionally skipped the classics that I have not read because as I said I do not judge without trying myself. For sure I forgot some extraordinary books and I added volumes that are not exactly defined as classics, but they are classics for me, for my path as a reader, and as a person!

Of course there are many locations where you can read, from the most traditional like the park, the train (or any other transport), the sofa, the beach, the bed, or the ones more personal as the squares, the cafe, waiting rooms , the bathtub, and the more bizarre: the house on the tree, the tent, around the campfire …

Find your favourite one and start this magical adventure.



I promise, you will not regret it!


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