“Physics , Love and Curry”

tumblr_np7rqscsu81r4uhhfo2_250They say that Spring is the season of love . They say. Well, I still have to find out who’s saing that but since the gardens become green again , the flowers bloom , the swallows come back , it seems to be so : love is in the air .
I do not know whether it is true or just a romantic legend , what I know for sure is that there is pollen in the air and that means that my eyes begin to shed tears , my nose to drip , my throat swells up , I begin to scratch like a monkey in rut and I’m more irritable than usual .giphy8

If the formula applies to you as well [ Spr+ing = Allergy² ] you are in the right place because I think I have the appropriate relief for our sufferings : all we need is a sofa , a low table on which to lay the delicious zucchini meatball with curry sauce and dell’Iced Mint Tea * and the DVD of “The Big Bang Theory ” .

Between a sneeze and an antihistamine , there’s nothing better than having a laugh with this group of true nerd (yes because lately we have been flooded with fake nerd : nice guys made up and disguised to look ugly with bad results ) , scientist set with RPGs and comics , desperate for female company.658b1075gw1f1bwn5ik0ug20dv07ukc6
What I appreciate most about this sitcom is that it has cleared through customs intelligence as a quality , ; it remains a caricature of real life and everything is carried to excess , but at least it does not feel ashamed of being human thinking , indeed , we jump proudly in the fixations of the theoretical physicist Sheldon , into the small follies by the engineer Howard , in the passions of the experimental physicist Leonard , in all the quirks by the astrophysicist Rajesh , finding them satisfyingly similar to ours.
Love is in the show , to remain in the spirit of spring , there is and how, thanks to female protagonists , giphy9the aspiring actress Penny in the forefront and then Bernadette and Amy , biologist and neuro scientist ; but it is treated with humor , lightness , from the point of view of who has found it totally by chance, just because have opened the door.
It is unreal, mushy , even common, that the beauty girl choose the loser boy, but is not forced, nor ordinary, thankfulness to the always sparkling jokes , the rapidity and the quotes from cinema, other TV series, comic books and science that fascinate and put on the attention .

And then there’s the food !

Ever-present , so much so that I sometimes wonder how all of them are so fit ( as nerds can be fit) if they spend three-quarters of the day sat down to eat . It can be Chinese food , Indian , pizza, Mexican , sushi , toast or the classic hot drink with treats for guests, food never fails.

Exotic food, which stands there on the sidelines , but it is always in attendance , that is almost part of the scenery and yet it seems you can feel the smell , the quality , we’d yell at actors to finish everything and brush the plate! ( Or more often the cardboard takeaway where they buy it ).
And then if the appetite comes watching[1] , never try to turn our gaze to an episode without something to bite or you’ll spend the rest of the time to rummage in the fridge or pantry- and , unless you have multiethnic roommates , you will never be ready , and you’ll find yourself dreaming tandoori chicken, wonton , french toast , chicken curry , beef curry , dumplings cabbage and potato curry , curry rice … – I admit since I started to watch this series I am a bit ‘ obsessed with curry!
That’s why I recommend to prepare some meatballs more that necessary to fully enjoy this sitcom .

Perhaps outside birds are singing and lovers are kissing, but as Malcom the Chazal[2] used to say in the far 1948 << Laughter is the best liver’s disinfectant >> then it just has to hole up on a soft couch with a big box of pliable tissues that do not irritate the nasal mucous membranes , good food , a cool drink and laugh , laugh , laugh .



 * Meatballs with zucchini Curry Sauce & Iced Mint Tea
( The recipe for meatballs and curry are my dear friend Anna ;
the drink is a very refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails revisited by me)

10_tbbt eng
 Graphic by Veronica

Ingredients for the meatballs x 4 people:
-800g of zucchini
-150g of grated Parmesan cheese
-30g of breadcrumbs
-80g ricotta (cow)
– 5g thyme (basil or parsley in the alternative)
-1 Egg
-Salt and Pepper To Taste.
-Semola Durum wheat semolina for dusting
Seed oil for frying.


 First, methodically we wash the zucchini and we eliminate the two borders, then we are going to grill them with a grater from the average tooth.
We pose the grated zucchini in a colander placed over a bowl and we add salt slightly. Above the sieve full of zucchini we place a dish that will be the cover, above the pot we put something to make weight and let’s leave them to rest in this way for an hour: this process will help to eliminate the excess water that zucchini containing.
Once ready, we place the zucchini on a dry cloth, in which we roll up the dough forming a candy, in this way we will eliminate entirely the presence of water from our chopped vegetables. We let the zucchini in a bowl and combine the ricotta (previously drained and sifted), also join the grated Parmesan cheese and mix everything slowly. We add the thyme leaves washed, the egg and the breadcrumbs and then we carefully mix all to unite all ingredients well.
We regulate with salt and pepper and we work to blend the ingredients to form a spherical shape .
To create our meatballs we take about 20g of dough for each of them, we’ll do it with our hands well moistened so as to help the modelling dough to which we will give a round shape.
Repeat this process until the dough ends.
When all the meatballs are ready we will put the durum wheat semolina in a bowl with flour. We place the meatballs on a tray and in the meantime we fill a pot with oil where we’ll fry in immersion.
Let heat the oil for a few minutes, the oil temperature must be very hot or the meatballs may break. We cook them no more than three at a time, or we risk to bring down the oil temperature.
Once we have fried all meatballs we place them on a baking sheet in the absorbent paper in order to remove excess oil.

 Ingredients for the curry sauce:
-1/2 L vegetable stock
-2 Tablespoons of curry
-1 Pinch of salt
-2 Tablespoons flour 00
-30g. of butter


While the zucchini are resting in the fridge for an hour, let’s prepare the curry sauce. On a cutting board we split the butter into small cubes, which we will put in a pot with high sides and a thick bottom. When the butter is completely melted let’s add the sifted flour and a pinch of salt,  mixing with a whisk.
Then we combine the half litre of vegetable stock, continuing to mix vigorously, and bring it to a boil until we get the consistency we prefer. (It is a sauce, so it must not be too liquid, but not too thick.)
When it is cooked, add two tablespoons of curry, moving it well so as to mix all ingredients.

Ingredients for the drink :
-12 Sprigs of mint
– 1 lemon , cut into thin slices
– 1 teaspoon of sugar
– 1.5 liters of light tea, filtered
– ice cubes


We cut 4 sprigs of mint , and we put them in a heatproof carafe with lemon juice and sugar . We decant the Tea and let it rest for 20-30 minutes . Once it will be ready we filter all in another pitcher to make fresh the drinks in the fridge for about 20 minutes .

To serve, pour it all in tall glasses filled with ice and decorate each glass with slices of lemon and the remaining sprigs of mint.


We lay on a tray the meatballs in a bag of baking paper accompanied by a bowl of curry sauce , and the cocktail .

Now we must wait that this “maledetta Primavera[3] goes away.


[1] In Italy we say “appetite comes eating”, so it is a word pun.
[2] Painter and writer from Mauritius. Author of many aphorisms.
[3] Is the title of a romantic song, meaning “cursed love”.

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