“Hannibal, Crusted Fillet And Red Wine”

giphy2Winter, strictly . Late afternoon , when the sky is still not entirely cloaked in blacks clouds but still retains some shade of blue, and a few more overbearing stars come out .

In this atmosphere , make sure you locked the door and windows ( or on first draft which makes it slam you will leave your heart on the floor ) , and open a bottle of a good red wine giphy3 not a cardboard swiped at the supermarket , a really good one, not too sweet , I recommend the Barolo wine from Piedmont: pronounced garnet colour red, at times ruby and presenting orange hues with the progress of aging ; its aroma is intense , complex and very persistent.

Pour yourself a generous glass ( not plastic ! ) and , after having prepared a delicious beef tenderloin crusted * tumblr_inline_nfxeddi3rd1svk9zc, sit on a soft chair , sipping the wine and start watching “ Hannibal ” .

I admit that the idea to start a section about the tv shows that includes advices on what to eat and drink while you watch them, with ” Hannibal ” can seem bizarre at least, because of the menu of Dr. Lecter  rgbmayq , it is his harmonic wandering around the kitchen that inspired me .
Even if the idea of eating my guests just does not suit me , I must admit that when this character cooks, he does it with style! No one detail is left to chance and , even as a spectator knowing what ‘s serving , more than once I found myself with a big appetite.

Warning: if you have sensitive stomachs, it is better not to go on !

The series , broadcasted by NBC and created by Bryan Fuller , talks about the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and the FBI profiler William Graham , before they live the facts narrated in the first novel in the saga . The atmosphere is noir, the filming is psychedelic,
raw scenes , lifelike almost as an obsession , if you are looking for a TV series to relax then you will have to wait for my next article, this show is for those who want to mirror with their dark side , bask in it and flirt with that hidden part of ourselves, that we all hope it never come to the surface but deep down makes us fascinated by the bad guy, in this case played by the divine Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen , capable of making you droll  while he is cooking human legs , an actor able at a glance to convey a thousand pages of a script .
Although, I must admit , I am madly in love with the co-star , the “good” , if I may call it , the man who suffers from empathy , which I personally have known thanks to the writing skills of Thomas Harris, author of ” Red Dragon ” and ” The silence of the Lambs ” and the eponymous ” Hannibal ” , to which the series is loosely based .Since reading the books I was fascinated by the character of Will Graham , but the decision to wear him with the British dress of the actor Hugh Dancy, has undoubtedly facilitated my unconditional love for him.The relationship between the doctor- cannibal and the patient-profiler is the best part of every episode from the first to the third ( and last for now ) season;
a romance going from suspicion to friendship , from hunting to sensuality , never disperse, Will and Hannibal may come to hate each other but never to divide.



<<Sexual interactions do not dictate whether two people are involved. The nature of the show is founded on the intricacies of bonds, whether they be sexual, romantic, or otherwise. Hannibal’s urges and obsessions toward Will obviously illustrate profound desire, and many viewers label it a bloodlust or passion for violence.>>[1]

And most of the best scenes between the two protagonists take place in fact or in Lecter’s living room or at the table , where the symbolism behind the dishes prepared , displayed and eaten in the series seems inclined to do metaphor for the relationship between Hannibal and Will which seems to have to “ feed ” of each other to get completed.And not just metaphorically .


This isn’t the only reason why I recommend this tv series, it is especially for the long dream sequences and the strong psychedelic effect that distinguish almost all episodes,
for outstanding visual effects , which increase the psychological depth of the narrative, along with a thousand and one quotes that Will and Hannibal make during the series : from classical to post modern art, from La divina Commedia to psychiatry , and the quotes from the kitchen , of course !
The way in which Hannibal presents the recipes will make you forget what he is really serving leaving a craving for fine food and high-class wine.


* Crosted Fillet with pistachios

english hannibal.png
Graphic by Veronica

( The recipe is from my dear friend Anna )

Ingredients for 4 people

– 600g of beef
– 80 grams of pistachios from Bronte .
– 20 g of butter
– 1 onion
– A bunch of sage
– a Glass of Brandy (replaceable with a glass of wine . )
– 40 grams of grated Parmesan cheese
– Salt and Pepper To Taste.


Preparing a tenderloin crusted with pistachio is simpler than it seems .
In a pan leave the butter melts, meanwhile chop up the onion finely and then cook it along with the previously melted butter and sage .

Once the onion is wilted we can add the beef tenderloin, we will leave it to brown on each side , then you have to carry it on a sheet of aluminium foil in which you can wrap it and let it rest and make warm, in the meantime, keep aside the cooking liquid .While waiting, we grind the pistachios until we have a grain not too thin , but not too coarse , just enough to give crunchiness within our reach, then we combine the Parmesan and the albumen in such a way to mix well the two ingredients .
We spread the mixture of egg white and parmesan on our thread then pass it in the chopped pistachios , in this way of all the chopped mixture adhere to the meat.We place a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray and on it we have our thread , in this way , for the time in which it will be in the oven , the crust will remain tied to the thread and will not scatter on the dripping pan. We need to cook the meat two times: in the oven at 200 degrees for 25 minutes . While we wait for the food to be completely cooked , we remove from the cooking liquid ( which we previously set aside ) all the sage leaves , let it warm up for a few minutes and when it will be warm enough we deglaze with brandy , letting it thicken.To remove any lumps you can filter the sauce, then we’re going to spill on the thread crust sliced , to flavour our food.
Serve hot and enjoy it calmly .   


What else I need to say:

( And avoid eating guests ) .



[1] Bryan Fuller about Will and Hannibal relationship, interview.

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